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Welcome to Knollwood Classrooms!

Principal: Amy Romano
Assistant Principal: Dave Croken 

School Secretary: Jo Heath
School Secretary: Peggy Dengler

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4th Grade

Jessica Dougherty, 4th Grade

Emily Kuhlthau/Jillian Singer, 4th Grade

Melissa Maguire, 4th Grade

Gabrielle Sebastian/Kristin Olesko, 4th Grade

Courtney Speck, 4th Grade

Emily Brunner, 4, 5 Literacy - 4, 5 Math

5th Grade

Morgan Bufano, 5th Grade 

Ami Conover/Taryn Peck, 5th Grade

Tara Mattison/Kerri Campanella, 5th Grade

Brad Merton, 5th Grade 

Lara Wiemer, 5th Grade 

Alison Dooley, 4, 5 Social Studies 

Susan Wyckoff, 4, 5 Science

6th, 7th, and 8th Grade


Bill Dodich, 6 Math

Norma Dodich, 6 Math  

Christopher Beattys, 6, 7  Math

Meghan Hutchinson, 7 Math

Jenna Mancino, 7 Math

Tracy Cook, 8 Math

Taylor Milanowycz, 8 Math

Hugh O'Hare, 8 Math

John Rogers, 8 Math


Karolina Dunn, 6, Literacy

Maria Schiano, 6 Literacy

Tara Barnett, 7 Literacy

Andrew Dougherty, 7 Literacy

Leeann Lanza, 7 Literacy

Jessica Dalmedo, 8 Literacy

Allison Duffy, 8 Literacy

Gabrielle Illiano, 8 Literacy

Dennise O'Grady, 7, 8 Literacy

Social Studies

Aimee Langa, 6 Social Studies

Matthew Growick, 7 Social Studies

Christopher Stephan, 8 Social Studies


Jamie Carpenter, 6 Science  

Kathleen Smith, 6 Science, STEAM

James DiPalma, 7 Science

Jason Fritts, 8 Science

Amy Sehulster, 7, 8 Science

Special Area

Samantha Cuttler, 6-8 Innovation Lab

Jessica Heeren, 4-8 Art

Sara Marino, 4-8 Instrumental Music, 4-6 Music

Mel Chayette, 4-8 Strings, 6-8 Music

Kathleen Smith, 6-8 STEAM

Lauren Ganley, 4-8 Library Media Center and G&T

Jennifer Amabile, 5, 7, 8 French

MaryAnn Luppens, 5, 6 French

Kara Stanziale, 7, 8 Spanish

Carolina Whisten, 4, 5, 6, Spanish

Joelle Bagley, 4, 5 Phys. Ed. 6, 8 Health

Kimberly Lagrotteria, 4,5,7,8 Phys. Ed., 4, 5 Health

Kevin Lydon, 4-6 Phys. Ed., 7 Health 

Sean Reid, 6-8 Phys. Ed.


Kristen Burghart, Academic Interventionist - ELA

John Rogers, Academic Interventionist - Math

Kevin Burke, 6 Math, Science,  Literacy

Jessica Dalmedo, 6,7 Math, 8 Science

Norma Dodich, 6 Science, Literacy, Social Studies, Study Skills

Andrew Dougherty, 7 Science, Social Studies, Study Skills

Kate Gagliano, 8 Science, Social Studies, Study Skills

Meghan Hutchinson, 7 Science, Literacy

Lisa McCabe, 6 Math, Science, Social Studies, Study Skills

Taylor Milanowycz, 8 Literacy

Gabrielle Rosace, 7 Math, Science, Literacy, Social Studies, Study Skills

Jennifer Supko,6-8 Math, Literacy

Sarah Miglin, 4-8 School Counselor


Allyson Drugas, School Psychologist

Betty Crowley, Speech and Language Services

Courtney Kemler, 4-8 Health Services

Jessica (Waleck) Reilly, Social Worker

Elizabeth Verbovsky, Occupational Therapist

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